Adult Programs

Get Golf Ready

The program was created to grow the game of golf by providing education and instruction to participants at existing golf facilities throughout the country. Participating facilities will administer the program, provide personnel and resources to promote and staff the program, ensure compliance with program guidelines established by GOLF 20/20 and provide periodic reports to GOLF 20/20 regarding the status and success of the program.

The objective is to deliver a consistent Get Golf Ready experience at an affordable price for adult consumers from coast-to-coast, where they will learn the game through a series of group lessons and transition to on-going playing opportunities. By participating in this program, students will be well on their way to becoming bona fide golfers with an appreciation for the history, rules and etiquette of the game.

Tee It Forward

Guidelines for Selecting Tees
Driver Distance Recommended 18 Hole
275 6,700 - 6,900
250 6,200 - 6,400
225 5,800 - 6,000
200 5,200 - 5,400
175 4,400 - 4,600
150 3,500 - 3,700
125 2,800 - 3,000
100 2,100 - 2,300

If you want to have more fun on the golf course and maybe play a little faster, TEE IT FORWARD may be just the game for you. TEE IT FORWARD can help you play from tees best suited to your game.

This new national initiative from The PGA of America and United States Golf Association was introduced at golf facilities nationwide in July 2011, but you can do this anytime. It's really simple:

  • Play forward tees.
  • Play faster.
  • Have more fun.

TEE IT FORWARD received great feedback from golfers nationwide. Through your feedback we have found that:

  • 70% of golfers found playing more enjoyable with TEE IT FORWARD
  • 47% felt they played faster
  • 91% are likely to use it again
  • 52% stated they were likely to play golf more often knowing they could TEE IT FORWARD

It's Okay Practices

The following are some hints for new golfers to consider when going out for a casual round - and especially good for golfers learning the game. While the Rules of Golf are important, they apply to keeping score and competition. When you are learning the game or just out to have some fun, it's okay to use these hints as an enjoyable way to play and have fun.

Some It's Okay hints include:

  • It's okay to start each hole from the shortest tees, or make up your own length. It's okay to start at the 150 yard marker if you like.
  • It's okay to make the ball easier to hit by rolling it around and setting it up on a little tuft of grass…in fact, it's okay to 'tee the ball up' ANYWHERE when you are first learning to play.
  • It's okay to throw the ball out of a bunker if you try to hit it but miss - we recommend giving at least one try, but it's okay to do what you like. Be sure to rake your footprints, too.
  • It's okay to move your ball away from trees, rocks or very hilly lies. It's okay to give yourself a better lie and an easier shot.
  • It's okay to play any number of holes and call it a round of golf. You can play 3-holes, 6-holes, 9-holes, 12-holes, etc.

While it's okay to play this way for fun, it is important to know there may be a time when you are in a business outing or more structured event and you may not be able to use the it's okay approach. Golf is a game of honesty and tradition where the rules are taken seriously, however, when learning the game and having fun, this is a good place to get started.

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