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Golf is so much more than just a game. It is a significant industry, a major contributor to the American economy and to the economic vitality of individual states. GOLF 20/20 published its first national report in 2002, which demonstrated that golf in 2000 was a $62 billion industry, bigger than the motion picture and recording industries combined. A follow-up report conducted in 2011 reported that golf had grown to a $68.8 billion industry, with a total impact on the U.S. economy in 2011 of $167.8 billion.

Additionally, the recent report indicates that golf is responsible for contributing about $3.9 billion annually to charities across the country.

In 2006, along with research partner SRI International, GOLF 20/20 developed a template with which individual states can affordably quantify golf's impact on their economy; to date 33 states have used or are currently using this template, and the resulting reports have been successful in establishing golf as a critical cog in the state's economic engine.

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