Athletes World Foundation

Athletes World Foundation (AWF) provides sport scholarships for athletes, enabling them to continue their Education through Sport.

Athletic spirit is defined by dedication, teamwork, and integrity. Athletes World Foundation (AWF) believes in these qualities. We believe in athletes.

A student with the drive of an athlete has what it takes to develop into a true champion of sport, life, and society. Unfortunately, soaring tuition costs and demanding training schedules prevent many athletes from attaining a quality education. This leaves them at a distinct disadvantage when pursuing opportunities outside of their sport.

The AWF team is dedicated to breaking down these stifling barriers so that athletes can take the values that bring them success on the playing field and apply them to life outside of sport.

AWF's mission is to form an indelible partnership between education and sport. Key alliances with international sport entities allow accurate and efficient promotion of our mission, paving the way towards success.

By creating mutually beneficial value in-kind relationships, we can provide sport scholarships, guidance, and flexible education opportunities for athletes on a global scale. We believe that this will not only benefit countless athletes on an individual basis, but also society as a whole.

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