FootGolf is a combination of the popular sports of soccer and golf. The game is played with a regulation No. 5 soccer ball at a golf course facility on shortened holes with 21-inch diameter cups located yards away from the greens. Players adhere to the golf course dress code and do not use soccer cleats. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf.
FootGolf as a game is played throughout the world in many different forms, but as a sport, it is regulated by the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG.ORG). Founded in 2011, the American FootGolf League (AFGL) represents the United States in official world cups, is the exclusive member of the FIFG and governing body for the sport of FootGolf in The USA. The AFGL is organizing tournaments throughout the country working with golf courses to bring FootGolf to their clubs as another avenue for revenue and to develop the game further.

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1. FootGolf video from European Tour 

2. FootGolf video from US Youth Soccer Association

3. FootGolf video from Morton Golf LLC - Haggin Oaks

4. FootGolf Video (copied) from the ORIGINAL PROMO 2009 - Courtesy of Mr. Michael Jansen FIFG Ambassador.

5. FootGolf Video from Transworld Sports - England 2013.