PLAY9 Program

Since 2014, the USGA's PLAY9™ program has been actively educating and rallying golfers and non-golfers alike around the concept of the nine-hole round as an important, yet simple, solution to address busy lifestyles and everyday lives. PLAY9 is critically important to the game and its health in that it promotes a time-friendly option to engage with the game. Many cite the time it takes to a complete an 18-hole round as a barrier to the game's participation.

In 2017, PLAY9 is deepening its commitment at the local level. The USGA is working closely with State and Regional Golf Associations to intensify awareness of, and participation in, PLAY9. In addition, the USGA continues to encourage all clubs in supporting and promoting PLAY9. continues to be the hub for all PLAY9 content, and all golfers are encouraged to leverage #Play9Golf to share their PLAY9 stories. PLAY9 kicked off on the 9th of May and will continue throughout October.