A Young Moroccan’s Journey With Golf

Golf Channel’s Matt Ginella recently traveled to Morocco to meet a young man named Ayoub Idomar, who’s taking on the journey of becoming a professional. Ginella reported the inspirational encounter on Instagram:

In reporting the development of golf in Morocco, and as the country embarks on what’s next in terms of land identification, timing and architects, I got to tee it with @ayoub.idomar, a 21-year-old Moroccan who’s the product of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Golf’s grow-the-game initiatives, and who’s embarking on what’s next in terms of turning pro. “I come from humble beginnings,” he said in French. “My goal is the @pgatour so I can earn money and take care of my family.” Based on his raw talent, swing, focus and competitive spirit, no one will be surprised if he achieves that goal and many more. After lunch and nine holes at Royal Golf de Marrakesh, where all kids play for free, he brought us back to his village, which is on the other side of the wall that separates the two properties. As we rolled up his driveway, he pointed out modified tee boxes used when playing his own two-hole backyard routing, which we now call Ayoub National. We played the first, a 300-yard par-4 with a treacherous fairway and slightly less treacherous putting surface. We tied with scrappy 5s, and then it was off to meet a few of his brothers inside the village walls. “This is MY room,” he said, which was very small, but extremely clean and comfortable. Having phoned ahead, one of his brothers prepared tea, a bowl of dates and a plate of sliced bread. We ate, drank and he gifted me one of his old @pingtour putters. I refused to take it. He insisted. I refused. He would’ve been upset, I could see it in his eyes, so I put it in my bag. Then we gave him a @goathillpark hat and exchanged driver headcovers. Mine, a tribute to my Uncle Tony: “For the love of The Dog.” His, a tribute to his home country: A Moroccan star 🇲🇦. Before leaving, we were serenaded by a small band of beautiful children, who waved, posed for pics and played soccer as they dribbled by us and headed for home. We were all overcome with emotion and blown away by the warmth and hospitality. Travel is education in the purest sense of the word. It can provide perspective, humility and inspiration, not to mention new friendships. A trip to Morocco and you’re bound to get all of the above. #ginellasjourneys

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