Bringing New Swag to Growth of the Game


Seema (above) and Nisha (below) Sadekar are both former LPGA, Canadian and Futures Tour competitors. Currently, the sisters are aiming to change the game of golf through their jointly owned company, PGD Global.

Sisters Seema and Nisha Sadekar have developed a new approach to growing the game. Through their innovative marketing and event management company, PGD Global, they’ve combined the worlds of golf and entertainment to create something special.

They host celebrity golf tournaments for iconic figures such as Julius Erving, Mike Woodson, BET Networks and Jalen Rose . While you see celebrity athletes and Hollywood figures on the surface, a closer look reveals a far greater intention. “We celebrate diversity and inclusion in a way that has not been done before in golf,” says Nisha. “We want to change the way the gameĀ is seen, heard and played.”

Two years ago, PGD Global hosted the BETX Golf Classic at a historic private club in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to attend and participate, but the memory that sticks with me the most was a conversation I had with an African-American locker room attendant. You could tell that he was grizzled and wise. “For as long as I’ve been working here, there’s never been this many people of color on this golf course. Not even if you added them all up. There’s more black folk here today than there’s been over the last 20 years combined,” he said. There was a tremor in his voice as he fought back the emotion.

That’s the power of what Seema and Nisha do. For one day, they change the culture of golf. There are DJs on the course, people dancing on the putting greens and it’s OK. Golf could use more of this, and these two sisters from Toronto are trying to make it happen.

Nisha Sadekar

Last year, they took Snoop Dogg to Augusta with Tanqueray. Yes, seriously. Their first annual Augusta Jam created a lot of buzz when the makers of a premium gin and the man who brought us “Gin & Juice,” took to the greens at Forest Hills Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia during Masters Week. He performed a concert that night, and talked about golf being the last sport to embrace the hip-hop and celebrity culture. He’s not wrong… Seema and Nisha are again hosting Augusta Jam next month. This time they’ll bring Bret Michaels, Lil’ Jon and Nelly to golf’s holy land.

Their style is untraditional, it’s fun and attention getting. But maybe golf could use an injection of this sort. It’s certainly disruptive to the game’s traditions, but so were Topgolf and 460cc drivers. We see how both of those turned out.

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(Photos courtesy of Diverse Public Media Company)