As the game and the business of golf rapidly evolve, a more diverse and inclusive industry workforce and workplace will form the basis for our shared success. We must be more intentional and committed to attracting, developing and retaining a diverse group of passionate, values- and results-driven staff.

The Head of Network Talent and Inclusion role was developed with this outcome in mind, and the USGA is seeking a dynamic leader to fill this role. A member of the USGA People Team, reporting to the Chief People Officer, he/she will be a leader and catalyst to strengthen the overall talent and inclusion foundation represented within the allied golf association (AGA’s) network of partners operating across the United States. These 59 discreet organizations aim to enhance the golfer experience at the state and local levels and serve as a primary resource for USGA services such as championship qualifiers, governance, golf facility support, handicapping and course rating and programs that help grow and improve the long-term health of the game.

This new role has two primary focus areas: (a) re-imagine, modernize and lead all facets of our long-standing P.J. Boatwright Internship Program, which has produced countless numbers of golf leaders, into the future and (b) design and implement a talent development strategy to support the growth and retention of AGA network staff at all levels.

From designing and implementing a joint long-term recruitment, selection and on-boarding process, to local and national promotion and communication, to relevant and forward-thinking program management and design, to improved and sustainable approaches to build network talent capability, this role offers a real opportunity to create and deliver measurable long-term and visible impact to the game.



Liberty Corner, New Jersey

What you can expect:

  • You will take the lead role in the development of these parallel efforts in partnership with key internal and AGA stakeholders, the International Association of Golf Administrators (IAGA) and other golf industry partners, colleges and universities, and third-party providers.
  • You will conduct a collaborative and detailed analysis, gain buy-in and support and develop the business case, strategy, implementation plan and success metrics.
  • You will work with key stakeholders to prioritize and allocate the appropriate investments that result in a sustained pipeline of forward-thinking and diverse golf administration talent ensuring a vital future of the network itself.
  • You will lead and operate these efforts through collaboration and partnership and develop a small team to ensure a culture of inclusion and capability building are embedded across the network.
  • You will improve the relevancy, image and reputation of golf, as a welcome, mission-driven and innovative industry.

What you bring to the USGA:

  • A BA/BS degree or equivalent experience
  • You have 10+ years of experience building and improving the capability of people and organizations in a networked or decentralized structure applying modern tools to support those efforts.
  • You are a proven and savvy HR and talent leader, or you may be a business/functional leader who has made meaningful and measurable differences to your organization and ultimately to those you serve through forward-thinking talent systems and practices.
  • You are passionate and pragmatic about diversity from a cultural, social and business lens and you understand how to navigate, influence and lead change through the power of inclusion.
  • You see the possibilities, get things done and make a positive impact using a blend of formal and informal approaches from the application of continuous improvement processes through productive disruption.
  • You bring proven strategic, financial and operational capability.
  • You have built and led effective teams and are always ready to dive in to the details.
  • You are a connector and collaborator who cultivates authentic relationships across multiple and diverse stakeholders.
  • You are values- and mission-driven.
  • You are a proven communicator and storyteller to groups of all sizes.
  • You are agile and resilient as you translate your experiences to a leading non-profit environment that is experiencing its own transformation by becoming a smarter and accountable steward of the game with a modern approach to engaging customers.
  • You bring a passion and appreciation for the game of golf and its future.