Stories and news from the around the industry that showcase golf’s growth among people from diverse backgrounds. 

  • Q&A With Sean Foley – Tiger’s former coach talks race and diversity within the golf industry

    Interview conducted by Tony L. Starks

    Sean Foley doesn’t hold his tongue. He’s opinionated, candid and educated on a variety of subjects beyond the game of golf. Few people know that the Canadian-born Foley attended an HBCU (Historically Black College or Universit…

  • Inside the Ropes…Share in my experience as an intern at the 2017 U.S. Open

    By Livi Simone Grant

    The date was April 30, and the temperature was below 40 degrees.
    I grew up in Atlanta and went to college in Florida, so the chill
    in the air was more than I anticipated for this time of year.

    As I stepped off the plane in Milwaukee, …

  • Tackling life and overcoming cerebral palsy, golf professional Chris Biggins lets nothing dampen his passion for golf

    By Ryan Adams, PGA

    In life, every person deals with their own challenges. Some have
    more difficult battles than others, but no matter the case,
    positivity is vital to overcome.

    For Chris Biggins, a recent graduate of the Methodist University
    PGA Golf Man…

  • Allen and Mullins: Long Drive Champs at Mile High Showdown

    DENVER, Colo. (July 25, 2017) – The Park Hill Golf Club in
    Denver, Colorado is where it all went down for Mile High Showdown
    Champions Maurice Allen and Troy Mullins. The first-ever televised
    World Long Drive Association title was a much sought-after prize
    for contestants.

  • Alice Plain discusses her career as an openly gay Golf Professional, and overcoming multiple sclerosis

    By Tony L. Starks

    For Alice Plain, 1996 is a year she’ll never forget. It was the
    year that her hard work in the golf industry paid off. The time
    spent studying and countless hours working on her golf game bore
    fruit. She became a PGA of America Member, and it was…