GOLF 20/20 Diversity Initiative

Promote and increase diversity and inclusion across the game and business of golf.

GOLF 20/20’s mission is to unite and activate the golf industry around key strategic initiatives that increase participation and retention of participants, inspire involvement and interest in the game, and promote sustainable best practices for golf facilities.

As part of that mission, GOLF 20/20 is committed to increasing participation specifically as it relates to ethnic and gender diversity.

GOLF 20/20 Diversity Task Force

The Diversity Task Force has been actively involved in seeking opportunities to create greater diversity in the game and business of golf in four areas:

  • Recreational Play
  • Competitive Play
  • Careers in Golf
  • Suppliers to the Golf Industry

Diversity Efforts

To learn more about additional programs designed to increase diversity in golf, view the links below.


The World Golf Foundation has compiled a list of entities and organizations offering internships in golf. This list intends to create a resource that informs interested individuals of these opportunities.

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The person who oversees the entire operations of the golf course is the general manager. He hires and manages staff, oversees the budget and implements marketing plans.

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Minority Organizations

The World Golf Foundation has compiled a list of suppliers to the golf industry, competitive golf events, recreational golf programs and entities offering careers in golf that support diversity in the golf industry.

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