Hunting Hawk Golf Club

When building Hunting Hawk Golf Club near Richmond, Va., the developer recognized the environmental sensitivity of the property due to the existing characteristics and the location adjacent to the headwaters of the Chicohominy River. The area had formerly been used for timber production and was left with impairment to surface drainage and large monostands of pine trees.

Efficiency and economy of management practices were achieved through environmental considerations in the design including the conservation of water, incorporation of naturalized areas, reduction in the amount of high maintenance turf and a decrease in chemical applications through the use of an Integrated Pest Management Program. These practices, as well as the responsible approach of the staff have led to lower than average annual maintenance costs on the golf course, which in turn, contributes to meeting the objective of offering the public an enjoyable and affordable golf experience.

Course Highlights

– Total acreage: 185 acres
– Undisturbed areas: 44 acres
– Club and maintenance areas: 5 acres
– Wetlands, streams and mitigation areas: 24 acres
– Conservation and secondary rough areas: 30 acres
– Maintained areas: 82 acres

Irrigation Conservation Details

– Normal conditions: 20% less water usage
– Dry conditions: 40% less water usage
– Drought conditions: Up to 70% less water usage

Lowering the Bottom Line

– Efficient management practices
– Resource conservation
– 20-30% reduction in management costs

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