GOLF 20/20 has formed a Millennial Task Force to focus on bringing more millennials into the game as participants and fans.

The Millennial Task Force is developing a series of recommendations to increase millennial participation, increase the number of millennial fans and to increase the number of millennials who are pursuing careers in golf.

Members represent the following golf and non-golf organizations

  • Buffalo.Agency
  • CMAA
  • Golf Digest
  • Google
  • GoPro
  • LinkedIn
  • LPGA
  • NextGenGolf
  • PGA of America
  • TaylorMade
  • Twitter
  • USGA

Millennial Reports

GOLF 20/20 Millennial Task Force

Kris Hart, Co-Chair
Nextgengolf, CEO

Glenn Gray, Co-Chair
Buffalo.Agency, Vice President

Josh Baker
PGA of America, Digital Product Manager

Sarah Bal
CMAA, Director of Education and Research Initiatives

Cory Bradburn
Golf Digest, Digital Community Manager

Lauran Driver
Twitter, Senior Account Manager

Matt Hall
Capitol One, Digital Product Management

Charlie Howe
USGA, Championship Director – 2018 U.S Open

Charlie Kautz
Adidas, Business Transformation Manager

Jeehae Lee
Director of TopGolf Tour & TopGolf Crush

Jane MacNeille
Great White Shark Enterprises, Communications Manager

Preston McClellan
PGA TOUR, Digital Communications Manager

Jared Williams
Managing Director, Golf USA Tee Time Coalition