Supplier Diversity Policy Statement

The World Golf Foundation (WGF) released a Supplier Diversity Policy Statement as developed by the Supplier Diversity Subcommittee of the We Are Golf Diversity Task Force. In keeping with its commitment to diversity, this is the first in a series of steps the WGF is taking to reinforce the importance of diversity and inclusion in the business of golf.

This policy statement is the result of significant research and integration of best management practices from leading organizations within the sports and business communities. It incorporates impactful messaging, key definitions and core elements based on best practices. Industry organizations are encouraged to adopt this policy, or something similar, as a guide within respective organizations.

 It is recommended that the policy statement be released by the leader of the organization to demonstrate leadership commitment and to encourage adoption.

 The We Are Golf Diversity Task Force serves as a resource for the industry and is available to assist as needed. Please direct questions or comments to Gina Rizzi, chair of the Supplier Diversity subcommittee of the Diversity Task Force at