David Higdon

Riot Games, Global Head of Communications for Esports

David Higdon topped off a six-year stint at NASCAR as the sports entity’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications before driving off into the sunset. In that role, he led strategic communications and content strategy initiatives, developed integrated marketing communications programs, and drove business through industry-wide collaboration. He also managed NASCAR’s Digital Media content team, while also proving leadership for ISC (International Speedway Corporation) and IMSA (International Motor Sports Association).

David went on to chair the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center Advisory Board at the University of Oregon. The Board, which was assembled in 2015, includes executives from the NFL, Nike, Fox Sports, T-Mobile and others. They direct strategy fir the sports MBA center and regularly work with other institutions of higher learning (Alabama, North Carolina, Duke and more) through speaking engagements, academies and classroom workshops.

Continuing his pioneering ways, David ventured into the burgeoning industry of professional gaming. He currently serves asĀ Global Head of Communications, Esports for Riot Games, developer and publisher of League of Legends.