Robert “Rock” Robinson

West Penn Minority Junior Golf Association

Robert “Rock” Robinson is the President and CEO of the West Penn Minority Junior Golf Association, Inc. – established in December of 1995 as a junior golf organization whose mission focuses on using the game of golf as an instrument to educate youth.

Robinson is also the author of the book, “From the Ghetto to the Green.” He hasmentored three golfers who later became United State Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF) members. In 2008, Rock was inducted into the National Black Golf Hall of Fame, joining such luminaries as Pete Brown, Jim Dent, Lee Elder, Gary Player, Ted Rhodes, and Jim Thorpe.

He was given the nickname “Rock” when as a 160lb high school baseball and basketball player, he was able to benchpress more than 400lbs. The nickname has stuck for more than 50 years, and he’s still doing heavy lifting when it comes to evocating change in golf.